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SO tasty

So Tasty was first inspired by the musical project “Playing for Change”, which aims to spread a message of peace through songs, all over the world. It was by watching these inspiring videos that the owners Christophe and Salvatore had the idea of a concept of healthy fast food and responsible coffees. Not only did they want to serve quality products, good and delicious, but the goal was also to bring a healthy and pleasant atmosphere, inspired by sunny days in nature.

From there was developed a design focused on people and their values. Located in the new ecological and modern shopping center in Brussels, the Docks Bruxsel, the So Tasty restaurant aims to be a warm and gourmet stopover through the gallery. The wooden benches have been selected and cut by hand, thus providing the establishment with integrated and personalized furniture. The light and the green atmosphere of the center are used in the project to put forward a pure decor inspired by nature.


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