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Benjamin Van den Eede


Créé en 2010 par le designer Benjamin Van den Eede, Le BV Design est un bureau spécialisé dans la conception et la rénovation d’hôtels, de restaurants et de résidences.  Fort de ses nombreuses années d’expérience au Québec et à l’international, Le BV Design mise sur des valeurs d’écoute et de confiance dans l’ensemble de son travail, de la conception à la réalisation de votre projet.  Un projet aboutit demande une expertise complet. Il n'est pas toujours évident de trouver le bon entrepreneur et de gérer son chantier, fort de notre grande expérience nous offrons la possibilité à nos client de recevoir un service clefs en main. ​ Donner du style à vos idées, sans vous stresser, voilà la vocation de BV design.

Created in 2010 by the designer Benjamin Van den Eede, the BV design is an office specialized in the conception, the renovation and the remodelling of hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces and houses.

Proud of its numerous years of experience in Quebec and overseas, the BV design relies on its values of listening and trust to accomplish each of its projects, from the design to the construction of your project.

A successful project demands a complete expertise.
It’s not always an easy task to find the right contractor and to manage the construction site. With its vast experience in the industry, the BV design offer to its clients the possibility to receive a turnkey solution.

Give style to your ideas, without stress, this is the vocation of the BV design

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Feasibility study: Defining the identity, the budget and your needs are the first steps to think about before starting your project.

Sketches and preliminary plans: A preliminary sketch of your project will be made for you by our team. It will serve as the foundation for corrections and assure a deep comprehension of your needs.

Final plans and 3D renderings: In order to perfectly document and predict the construction process of your project, the technical plans and the renderings will be given to you before construction work begin.

Estimate and final permits: An estimate, including the finishes and quantities, will be written to leave no place to chance.

It’s only after all this progression in the project planning that we will be able to form the permits application.

Precise files to start a project with strong foundation.

Estimate: We’re asking a quote from every subcontractor of your area, according to their prices and competences. We are selecting professionals in function of your needs.

Construction site supervision: One of our experts is dedicated to the supervision of your project. We’ll provide you a schedule of the visits and progress planned before the beginning of the construction. Your expert will always be available by phone to answer your questions.

Inspection: At every on-site visits of your expert, you’ll receive a detail report of the construction by email and a progress report before each payment to the contributor.

Turnkey solution: Our technical support guaranty you an optimal project management to respect both the deadlines and the budget.

​The BV team take care of your interests.

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