A House with a Unique Concept


We are proud to present our signature concept: THE BV HOUSE.
This high-quality home is contemporary in style and harmonize perfectly with our needs. With its pure lines, its personalized spaces and its incomparable design, the BV house asserts itself in the category of architect houses. Its unique structure, its pre-engineered manufacturing and our technological advances allow us to offer quality products at affordable prices within the luxury home industry.
We have resized and redefined everyone’s needs in order to provide an optimal living space for everyone. BV spaces are larger and brighter than standard houses. Unlike prefabricated houses, the construction of each BV house is done on site to guarantee the highest construction standards. In addition, our homes are built with eco-friendly materials and local labor.The art of building BV guarantees the art of living.”

A Modular Design

In a constantly evolving society, it is difficult to plan for the future and anticipate our needs for the next five, ten or even twenty years. We, therefore, offer a house that can grow and change over the course of your life.
Add a bedroom, a garage, enlarge the kitchen, etc. The possibilities are endless with our modules, which also integrate with the original design. In addition, as our population is aging, multi-generational homes are becoming more popular.
With its ease of expansion, the BV house fully responds to this type of housing, and offers families simple and innovative solutions. This flexibility also facilitates the sale of BV houses.
If your next buyer wants three bedrooms and you only have two, it is now quick and easy to adjust or expand the space for these new needs.


A Smart Home

Home automation at the service of ecology.
In order to improve your daily life, you BV house can be equipped with a home automation system directly connected to your smartphone. This allows you to control and schedule your daily tasks remotely, such as lighting, sound, camera, lowering the shades according to room temperature and much more. It is indeed imperative to reduce our ecological footprint, and home automation appears to be the ideal solution to address this situation. By scheduling and automating all the services in the house, we can really make a difference in our energy consumption. So, in addition to having a superior design quality, you will benefit from cutting-edge technologies that will enhance and simplify your comfort on a daily basis.


An Ecological house

The environmental aspect is essential in our eyes, so it goes without saying to build with local and certified materials. We also choose our builders near the construction, to encourage socio-economic development that strengthens the region. At BV Design, we minimize the transport of materials and think about passive energy during the implantation of the project. We also integrate the latest technologies to not only simplify your daily life, but also optimize the surrounding resources. In addition to meeting Novoclimat standards, our superior insulation is combined with flawless waterproofing over the entire house, which avoids the creation of thermal bridges. The passive design of the BV houses also considerably reduces heating and air conditioning costs. Green roofs, in addition to being increasingly popular, improve the energy efficiency of a building. If the costumer wishes, the BV Design will integrate a green roof into their project, whether for a more pleasant terrace or as an alternative to traditional roofing materials. Green roofs are offered on flat or gently sloping roofs.


-Rainwater recovery
-The installation of a heat pump
-Double flow ventilation
-Energy efficient doors and windows
-LED lighting
-Insulation to standards Novoclimat
-A green roof

An Affordable House

When we think of renovations, we often imagine an expensive project. As the BV house is designed to adapt over time, it also adapts to your budget. The prices of the blocks are stable, which facilitates your budgetary organization and saves you the costs of notary, real estate agent and avoids you moving when your house no longer suits your needs. Thanks to the repetition of the modules, we were able to democratize the development of architectural plans, but also the speed of construction. Providing quality housing at an affordable price that respects the environment are the values that we care about.

An Adaptable House

In addition to suiting your tastes and needs, the BV house graciously orchestrates itself on your property. Whether you are located in the middle of the forest, in the countryside, in the suburbs or in the city, the dimensions of the BV modules are suitable for all environments. In the city, for example, the shape of the building emphasizes the privacy of users, while offering contact with the urban exterior. The mountain homes will prioritize a view of nature and an integration sensitive to their environment. No matter the terrain or your requirements, the BV Design team is ready to take on any challenge.


The BV house is a concept that adapts to your present and future lifestyle, your tastes, it’s environment and your budget.

Designed by us, for you


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