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Chef George Bahdi Par wanted a space that showcases furniture that is easy to access and where you feel good.
To answer the practical aspect, we decided to separate the bar, the kitchen and the restaurant while preserving access between each of them. To achieve this, we couldn’t touch the load-bearing wall, so we had to adapt to the architecture already present to achieve what we had imagined. Each piece of furniture has been custom made to fit into the space in the most practical and optimal way. The counters have been designed with lockers serving as a wine display and bar. These were made of white oak to bring a balance with some of the black stone walls. Finally, to give a warm and chic atmosphere, we dressed the walls of the restaurant in wood.
Chicounou is a quality restaurant whose majority of products are homemade by the chef himself, his mother and his grandmother. Come and savor quality dishes in this welcoming world.

Georges is a true passionate for cooking. At 11, he spent his free time in a small restaurant in Brussels in which his mother officiates. With her, he learned the cuisine of his country and gradually discovers this world of taste from which he will do his job. He studied at the Namur Hotel school (EHPN). After an internship at “Comme chez soi” and “Château de Namur”, he worked for a few months as a second in a large French brasserie in St-Tropez. Back home, he works with his mom and grandmother (both passionate about Lebanese and Syrian cuisine) in a Lebanese snack restaurant.
In 2010, he launched and opened the “BEO Original” caterer and bio-artisanal sandwich shop. Success was there and his followers, more and more numerous, persuaded him to open his first restaurant-bar.
The C’chicounou is not a tapas bar like the others: Georges chooses to make us discover the cuisine of its origins, to revisit the tradition and adapt it to European culture. He only works with products of high quality
All preparations, such as dried beef, cheeses, mortadella, etc. are homemade by the chef, his mother or grandmother.
For the bread, he chose to obtain from João Martins “Le bon pain”. Very high-quality organic bread.


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