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Main menu The In-Home Support Technician (IHST) provides preventive and reactive customer support services, using the latest technology, to ensure your family is protected against the unexpected. Residential electricity and natural gas services have seen tremendous growth in the last several years. The IHST is the technician who is always in the.Q: How do I find a path between two locations on a map? I'm trying to find the path between two location points in Google Maps API v3. For example, the route from London to Edinburgh is of course well known and Google's directions page has a route straight there. But how can I, as a developer, find the path? I want to know the route as best as possible, e.g. the fewest number of stops along that route. Google Maps API does provide the "duration" and "distance" attributes, but not really anything else. The route path might look something like this, where each "stop" is an image or something: A: I found a way. It's called but it only runs on Linux. The usage is fairly straightforward: echo '......' This opens the URL in the "browser" I have set up to launch. In my case the browser was the GNOME Terminal. Then I just copy/paste the generated XML (paste.cgi.asp?) and then parse the XML ( to get the path. Of course, the JSON that is generated by the webpage is easier to read. Q: Insert a link inside an anchor tag I have a url as follows: Yahoo What I would like is to get Google In short, I want to insert a link inside an anchor tag. It seems as though you want to have an anchor with two links in its href attribute. This is not valid. Can I use




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