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g soft

G Soft is a young and dynamic company which offers its employee an ideal working environment in order to satisfy their needs. Everything is done to make you feel good.
The G Soft ask me to create a meeting room that looks like an Airstream caravan from the 1930’s.
The biggest challenge was to build it on site because no access would have allowed it to come in one piece. Inside, the designer (Ben Lafaille) sewed the photo 360° of the delivery day taken by the talented photographer TIOTO.
The Airstream is much more than a meeting room, it’s a real work of art designed by Andrei (Maitrico) and Ben (the BV design).
With the help of metallurgist Jason (Jasalex), we have redefined the office partitions to give them a trendy and functional style. Bold customers and a good team of professionals, that’s the BV spirit!


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