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This superb 4 façade villa has been renovated from top to bottom, trying to give a modernism design while keeping its warm side.
Getting a makeover is not much to say in this case! It all starts with a desire on the part of the client to project themselves and feel good at home.
A project of this scope requires close collaboration between client and designer.
We even went together to Marrakech to find some unique pieces.
The important of custom made is felt and brings that little extra we cannot explain.
It was to rediscover the comfort of large hotels that we designed this extraordinary and unusual headboard.
Fabienne’s enthusiasm and desire to indulge herself with her inside living spaces allowed me to express myself freely to choose the best options.
I designed and made this corner sofa so it’s exactly at its place in this custom interior.
Going into the world of a family in order to offer them their home is so enriching that we almost forget that it is a job.

Thank you for your trust.


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