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The first Delsey Paris is located in the TGV gallery at the Gare du Midi in Brussels. An adventure! We only had two weeks to build this magnificent store. The idea that made the difference was, by talking to the owner, to expose the suitcases with lighting and a presentation worthy of the greatest jewelry stores. More than a project, it was a real human adventure. Two weeks of complete madness!
We were forbidden to fix anything on the floor or on the walls.
Realizing a space of such scope without being able to moor to the whole, it was an extraordinary challenge.
The counter was made in our workshop and painted with car bodywork paint to obtain a superb shiny white. In order to obtain hyper-focused lighting, we have adopted the latest LED technologies.
The end of end: we had the Delsey logo printed on a 40m2 tarpaulin which we stretched out as a roof. An ad that catches the eye of every Eurostar traveler.

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